Garage Door Repair

After servicing the greater Austin area for years and repairing thousands of garage doors, we at Garage Service Pros, know we can handle any and all repairs that you could possibly have. From minor repairs such as broken hinges and frayed cables to more difficult repairs such as broken springs or the door falling off it’s tracks. We specialize in all garage door repairs. We have the right tools and knowledge to be able to fix your problems quickly and affordably.

Heavy Garage Door

Is Your Door Extremely Heavy to Lift?

There are several parts that can be easily damaged making your garage door not work properly. When the door is difficult to lift or the garage door opener only lifts the door a few inches before it stops, the spring is likely broken. This is one of the most common garage door repairs. The spring system is the most important component to a working garage door. When it does happen there is not much you can do about it on your own. Fortunately the technicians at Garage Service Pros are on call 24/7 for repairs. All of our springs are backed by GSP certified warranty.

Broken Garage Door Spring - Before


Broken Garage Door Spring - After


Is Your Garage Door Extremely Noisy?

Damaged Metal Roller

Damaged Metal Roller

Another common garage door repair are the metal rollers, which make loud grinding or screeching sounds when the door is moving. If you do not address the wearable parts on your garage door as they wear down, your door could potentially go off track, put undue strain and damage on your garage door opener or may even cause far more extensive damage to the door and the garage. We always recommend replacing them with 11 ball bearing, precision nylon rollers.

Garage Door Cable Off DrumGarage Door Off Track

Do you have a cable off or is your door off track?

Your garage door may have a cable loose or the door is off track are pretty common. A “door off track” can be accidentally caused by the homeowner. It usually occurs after accidentally shutting the door on an object, like the rear bumper of your car. This can also happens when the garage door opener tries to open the door while the manual lock is engaged. Other times, it can be caused by worn out parts on the garage door. At that point, a full door inspection is critical in determining why this occurred and what parts may need to be replaced to prevent it from happening again.

Broken or frayed cables? Damaged panels? Broken hinges?


Frayed garage door cables, damaged panels and broken hinges

Garage Service Pros is also expert repairmen for broken or frayed cables, damaged panels, and broken hinges. No matter what the problem is, Garage Service Pros will help get your door back to excellent working condition. We have been servicing the Austin area for years and we know what is causing your garage door to not work properly.